Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Developer: GameWizards
Platforms: PC

Duration on project: October 2008 - Deccember 2008
Title: LevelDesigner/Environmental Artist

Starfall is a 3rd person shooter. The best way to describe it is: Romans versus Barbarians.. in space. You play the Romans, a very proud race armored with very ornate and heavy armors. Through the game you battle the Barbarians, the scavengers, armored in scrap metals, tubing, and anything they can gather for themselves. This is a single player campaign set in the middle of the civil war of these two races.

I was a part of the Starfall team during its beginning stages of pre-production. During the time the desired art style was very dirty, heavy grime, and metals. My primary job and goal was to ensure that the visual impact of Starfall was translated on concept as well as in game. More specific examples of my duties are shown below.

  • Populated and lit levels in UT3 Editor to be used in demonstrating the art style and game play of the GameWizards projected "Starfall"
  • Coordinated with the lead concept artist and project lead to ensure a cohessive vision
  • Counseled and aided team members on problem solving, as well as techniques for clean modeling, textures, renders, and lighting
  • ¬†Created props and assets for in game use, including import into Unreal Engine


Below are assets I created in pre-production of Starfall.