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God of War Ascension

Developer: Sony Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)
Release Date: March 12, 2013
Platforms: PS3 exclusive

Duration on project: January 2011 - February 2013
Title: Environment Artist

As opposed to being a sequal from God of War III, Ascenion is a prequel of sorts to the GoW mythos. Ascension tells the story of Kratos soon after he kills his family and has already been bound by blood oath to Ares. In Ascension, Kratos journeys to break his oath and free himself. But he must go through the Furies and their tricks to do so.

I worked on the project for 2 years and 2 months. My main responsibilities were:

  • Created and animated in game emitters used as particle effects for dust, smoke, sparks, and rubble.
  • Collaborated with producers, animation team, and environment team ensuring a cohesive vision with optimum quality.
  • Modeled, unwrapped, textured, and animated assets throughout various areas of the game environment both in Singleplayer and Multiplayer experiences.
  • Blocked out art sheet based off of approved concept and design for SP/MP.
  • Created waterfall and water effects to be used in Bog and Desert.
  • Textured Canyon Red Orb Chest used throughout canyon and MP.
  • From my own modeled and textured assets, populated both Single player and Multiplayer maps (Canyon, Bog of the Forgotten, and Desert of Lost Souls).
  • Created stoning texture change effect as the Stheno Beam Medusa in MP Bog gazes over the terrain.
  • Worked closely with MP lead, Art Director, Game Director, Design, and Production teams to create levels that meet optimum quality, fun gameplay, next gen art in a timely manager against heavy deadlines.
  • Worked with QA, Production, Programming, and Tech to identify and fix bugs that relate with art, gameplay, or optimization to create levels that visually leave a lasting impression and still run smoothly.

Below are a few videos from the game, which also include an interview of me(!), stills and concept art from the environments I've worked on. Earlier on in the project I worked on several of the Canyon levels in Singleplayer. Later as Multiplayer ramped up, I was moved onto MP where I as responsible for the MP maps of The Desert of Lost Souls and The Bog of the Forgotten.

Official God of War Ascension website

My Developer Interview on disk on copies of GoWA! (Starts at 09:55)

Multiplayer: The Bog of the Forgotten

Multiplayer: The Desert of Lost Souls

Singleplayer: Canyons

Singleplayer: Canyon Sky Dome Village and Midground

Multiplayer Trailer with Gameplay

Live Action SP Trailer