Chadam: The Series

Publisher: HDFilms
Developer: Digital Toybox
Release Date: TBA
Platform: Movie

Duration on project: August 2008 - December 2008
Title: Environment Artist

Chadam is animed movie utilizing the Unreal Engine. It is based on the artwork
and characters of artist Alex Pardee.

“Chadam lives as the “chosen one” in the hyper-stylized and exaggerated
metropolitan island city of Vulture. His power of imagination is strong enough to
physically change his environment and, therefore, his world … to save it from evil.
The series will find Chadam in a place of refuge where he and others have
retreated to plan their attack against a serial killer known as Viceroy.”

Teaser Trailer


Due to the project being on a stand still, below are all common pictures of the series so far. More specific examples of my contribution to Chadam will be posted once released. Thank you for understanding!