Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)
Developer: People Can Fly (PCF), Epic Games
Release Date: February 25, 2011
Platforms: XBOX 360, PS3, PC

Duration on project: October 2010 - November 2010
Title: Content Artist and Integration

While working at EA I was selected to be flown to Warsaw Poland to assist our EA Partner, People Can Fly with their project Bulletstorm. This game is unlike any other I've played, it has colorful cast with an equally colorful vocabulary. That's saying the least. While the main plot centers around you and your team and the realization that you've been fighting for the wrong side, the heart and soul of this game are what's called Skillshots. There are a wide variety of weapons, each either their own secondary function. They all pack a punch and are meant to be use on combination with each other. The more combinations, and the more creative you get in killing your enemies the more Skillpoints you get to upgrade your gear. Not only can you create these deadly, and completely entertaining combos with your weapons, but you can also use the hazards of the environment around you as well as melee kick to the face! The gameplay of Bulletstorm is loads of fun and completely addicting!

Kill with skill!

My main duties during my 1month stay with PCF, were:

  • Identified and fixed performance issues to improve stability. Assisted with set dressing to improve the player experience.
  • Created optimal shadow proxies while still achieving desired look.
  • Optimized expensive shaders while still achieving desired look.
  • Lessed polys on assets as well as their LODs while still achieving desired look.
  • Collaborated with producers, visual effects (VFX), lighting, optimization, animation, environment, and
    design at People Can Fly team.

Official Bulletstorm website

Below are some screenshots and trailers of the many Singleplayer and Multiplayer levels I stablized and helped run at framerate:

Launch Trailer

Kill with Skill Trailer